Add a chocolate flavour to cream With Aromhuset’s Chocolate essence for whipped cream

Cream is a common baking ingredient, and now Gert Strand AB is launching three flavours for their new concept of essences for whipped cream, where Chocolate is expected to be the most popular. There is a renewed interest in baking amongst Swedes. We are making homemade goodies like never before, and because everything is so easily available we invest in one baking accessory after the other. Aromhuset’s whipped cream essences will soon be on every Swede’s baking shelf.

Baking is so fun, and eating pastries is something most of us enjoy. Chocolate appears to be the most well-liked confectionary and can be found in everything from pick-and-mix to exclusive pastries. Cakes and tarts are often topped with cream, and with Gert Strand’s new Chocolate essence for whipped cream, you can take your cream with a rich chocolate flavour without adding either sugar or artificial sweetener.

Strand’s essences for whipped cream also provide a little colour, so cream that is flavoured with Chocolate essence also gets a light brown colour, which looks delicious on hot chocolate, ice-cream desserts, a luxurious cup of coffee, or together with a few hazelnuts if you are on any kind of low-carbohydrate diet.

The Chocolate essence is added before whipping the cream, and if you use a cream-whipper then simply add the essence together with the cream before screwing the top on. Out comes the finished, flavoured, light brown cream perfectly piped. When you serve cream from a cream-whipper the dessert should be eaten quickly, as the cream will quickly sink.

A lot of people try, and are saved by, diets that exclude carbohydrates. Sugar is pure carbohydrates, and a big taboo when on a LCHF (Low Carb High Fat) diet. Fat is allowed to almost any degree, so cream is a clear hit when the sugar cravings strike. By mixing a little of Aromhuset’s Chocolate essence for whipped cream in your cream it is immediately tastier, and if it is still lacking in sweetness then add a few drops of Sucralose, which is an approved sweetener for LCHF dieters.

If you are not concerned about your intake of carbohydrates then you may want to sweeten your cream with regular sugar, which works perfectly with the whipped cream essences. If you use a cream-whipper though, the sugar should be in liquid form so that the sugar crystals do not damage the syphon.

The products under the brand name Aromhuset have previously been limited to essences for carbonated water and coffee. Until recently there have been 16 different flavours for table water and four for coffee, but four new water essences are now being launched at the same time as the new concept of essences for whipped cream.

SO far the essences for whipped cream are available in three flavours – Chocolate, Strawberry and Blueberry. They all give soft, rich flavours, without making the cream sweeter, plus a pleasant colour – light brown, pink and blue. If you would like, for example, to decorate your child’s birthday cake then these flavours work wonderfully well since they add colour to the cream. You can also mix the flavours if you like. Strawberry and Blueberry together gives a purple colour and a delicious mix of the two berries. The Chocolate essence for whipped cream works best on its own.